Happiness in the Mail

There really is nothing more satisfying than receiving something other than a bill in the mail. Even though you know you’ve ordered it, and you’ve lived the last week or so with the knowledge that yes it will arrive via post, you’re still thrilled to the moon when you reach your hand in the mailbox and ahhhhhhh a package!

Obligatory “duck-face” selfie with the amazing package mentioned above.

Actually owning the pattern I can now sit down to planning my approach to this dress. I think what I might do is follow the advice of historical costumer Jennifer Rosbrugh and “build the undergarments first then all the pretty things that go on top”. That way it gets you back into the swing of things with the sewing machine, and if you make a mistake it’s not the end of the world because no one will really see it. And so with that I leave you now, off down petticoat lane.


Jennifer Rosbrugh runs historicalsewing.com, a haven for all things 19th century costuming. She also has a great Facebook page which posts all sorts of costuming tips, inspiration, and support.


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