Petticoat Inspiration

Pinterest has come to the rescue again when it comes to finding images of historical dress. This time I was looking up petticoats and underthings. It’s nice to follow the petticoat pattern that was provided with the dress, but I’d like to make a few changes so that mine is a bit more historically accurate and a bit less “costumey”.

When it came to the actual trip to the fabric store I checked Historical Sewing to see which fabrics might work best. She’s got a whole article on which fabrics work best for different types, styles, and eras of petticoats.

Nothing can really prepare you though for that actual trip to the store, and subsequently the cutting tables. All the fabric you’ve seen over the years as “perfect for that” or “I would totally make a blank out of this”, now just aren’t good enough. I started to look at all the shades of white and off-white and cream-coloured cottons the way a snobby French art critic would look at a collection of still-lifes.


I did eventually choose almost 6 yards of a slightly off-white cotton. Phew. I backed away from any eyelet or fancy trims for now, but you never know…


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