Things Don’t Always Turn Out…

So. The other day I cut the fabric and the interfacing for the waistband of the petticoat, and then began to sew it on. I should’ve stopped right there and gone and done something else in another room of the house because things just went downhill from the moment I sat down at the machine.

Problem #1

Nooooooo… oh dear God my nerves!

In amongst one of the pleats of the petticoat was a pin that I had forgotten to remove. Thirty plus years of my life (either witnessing my mom sew or using the sewing machine myself) has taught me that this is generally not a problem. The sewing needle goes around or over it and is none the wiser. This time, however, the sewing needle decided to land right on that pin and then continue to bend it six ways from Sunday into the machine – bending itself in the process. The image on the right accurately depicts how I felt as this was happening. Once I was able to wrest the petticoat from the machine and sort out what had actually happened, I ran out to replace it. Thank goodness nothing else was damaged.

Problem #2

Once I did finish sewing the waistband I took a look at it… and by that, I mean I judged it with all the unhappy judginess I could possibly muster. I didn’t like it. I tried on the petticoat thinking that maybe it was just how I was holding it. Nope. It didn’t sit flat enough. I didn’t like the way the pleats sat in the waistband. I did not do a good job. Disappointed completely with the day’s efforts I draped it over the back of a chair and left the room… for a few days. I know myself better than to take the stitch ripper thing to a project when I’m mad. Currently, I’ve got the waistband off and ready to go back on. Properly.


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