Tackling the Bodice

In my semi-lazy quest to complete the steps of dress construction according to whatever colour of thread I have in the machine, I took on finally building the bodice of my dress. I was a bit nervous about this part as I really do want it to fit well. Historical Sewing had a couple blog posts on doing fittings and mock-ups that came in handy. What she doesn’t mention though, is the delicacy with which you have to don your in-progress bodice; the temporary home of a million tiny every which way pins.

I worked again with instructions that seemed like some sort of advanced logic puzzle, and tried to make what I was doing look at least somewhat like the illustrations. I added some subtle lace trim to the inner lining of the bodice. Did you know that the vast majority of work/decoration/embellishment on a dress will never be seen by anyone other the person putting it on? I just made that up, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. I also added the boning to the lining to help keep and create that little waist that Victorians were going for.

Once the lining was done it was time to add it to the bodice, pull and secure all those mystery gathers, and do some trying-on. It was at this point that I realised that I had basted the lining to the arm holes all wonkways, so that had to be taken out and redone. Finished product for this sewing session is one kinda completed bodice that still needs piping, hemming, buttons, a collar, and sleeves.


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